Summer Takeover (Jesus & Therapy): Emotions, Friend or Foe? (Naomi Sengiyumva) Tulsa, Oklahoma

August 2nd, 2023

Vantage Point is back and ITS TAKEOVER SEASON 2023! Welcome to the third year of Persons of Interest: Summer Takeover. Each week you will be introduced to some amazing friends of Vantage Point. Some are pastors, some are influencers, but all of them have a heart for God, and a heart for people. To close out our Jesus & Therapy segment, we are talking about... EMOTIONS! This episode features an incredible young woman filled with poise, purpose, and presitge. Naomi is a graduate of RHEMA Bible College, a University of Missouri- Kansas City alumni, and a certified life coach. She is multifaceted with a love for words and servitude. An advocate for holistic care for underserved people, Naomi volunteers on several grassroot non-profits that empower youth life development. She is a speaker, author, educator, and community influencer, please welcome to Vantage Point Naomi Sengiyumva.

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