Summer Takeover (Jesus & Therapy): The Power of Healing with God (Kemir Baker- Irving, Texas)

July 5th, 2023

Vantage Point is back and ITS TAKEOVER SEASON 2023! Welcome to the third year of Persons of Interest: Summer Takeover. Each week you will be introduced to some amazing friends of Vantage Point. Some are pastors, some are influencers, but all of them have a heart for God, and a heart for people. For episode four we bring to Vantage Point Kemir Baker. Kemir is the CEO/Founder of J-Intelligence Networks ( She empowers women in their emotional wellness and intimacy with God to live abundantly. Her empowerment approach came from lessons learned as she overcame trauma in her life. Her passion is to provide a safe place for women to deepen their faith while receiving tools for emotional health. Please welcome Kemir to Vantage Point!



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