Perspectives (Extended Cut): Jasmine Ryans

January 4th, 2021

WELCOME TO 2021, YOU MADE IT!! In December we spent time talking to some great guest about their 2020. Before we threw it out as the worst year ever, we answered a few questions: In 2020 what did you see? What did you gain? What did you feel? What perspective did you have? Perspective is the capacity to view things in their true relation and/or relative importance.

2020 was a year unlike any we have experienced. A global pandemic, divisive politics, racial injustice, massive loss, and much more. We reflected and learned some key things, but now we are here, 2021. We left 2020 and entered the unknown of this new year, some with anticipation and others with fear or anxiety. Before you get too deep into 2021, I encourage you to reboot your thinking with fresh perspective.

For the first episode of 2021 and our bonus extension of Perspectives, Vantage Point welcomes CEO and Founder of Soultre, Jasmine Ryans.



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