Summer Takeover: We Must Be like Jesus Walking on Earth (Shannon Monet- Light Podcast)

July 25th, 2022

ITS TAKEOVER SEASON 2022! Welcome to the second year of Persons of Interest: Summer Takeover. Each week you will be introduced to some amazing friends of Vantage Point. Some are pastors, some are influencers, but all of them have a heart for God, and a heart for people. For week series finale of Summer Takeover I want you to welcome the youngest voice to ever appear on Vantage Point Podcast. From beginning to end, it is truly a takeover. You will enjoy this fully immersive audio experience to close out Persons of Interest summer series. Please welcome 15 year old world changer, motivational speaker, content creator, mental health/suicide awareness advocate, and Host of the Light Podcast, Shannon Monet.



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