Headspace: Owning What's in You

April 16th, 2024

Look up statistics about therapy and you probably won't be surprised: Since 2020, 30% of american adults have been to therapy. In the past year, around 25% of adult women and 15% of adult men have received some form of mental health treatment. In 2020, about 25% of white adults received therapy, compared to 15% of Black adults, and around 12% of Hispanic adults. In a world where the struggles of the mind often go unaddressed or misunderstood, it's crucial for us to have dialogue about faith, therapy, mental health, and healing. In this new series, we will explore this unique intrersection in our minds, drawing upon biblical wisdom, personal experiences, and psychologial insights to uncover practical tools and truths to navigate these streets. Join us as we chart a path down the avenues of our minds and find our way through the fog. Welcome to episode two of Headspace: Owning What's in You.

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