Limitless: Unexpected Keys (Business Guys & Ultrasounds) Justin Trapp

March 19th, 2022

We see limits everywhere in our life: The words we say, how fast we drive, and much more. Without knowing it, we take the same ideology of limits and place them on God. Limitless is a series focused on how great our lives with Jesus can be if we take off the limits in our thinking and truly allow Him to be who He is in our lives. Welcome to week five and the finale of Limitless: Unexpected Keys (Business Guys & Ultrasounds) with special guest Justin Trapp.

Justin is a ministry-minded entrepreneur who founded Ministry Pass and Sermonary. In 2014, on a mission trip to Madagascar, after he Facetimed into his wife’s very first ultrasound of their first child, Justin felt God’s leading to step way outside his comfort zone and focus on one thing, helping pastors. That calling became Ministry Pass, a sermon resource library used by 50,000 church leaders in over 125 countries. Since 2014, Justin and his team have been actively working to help pastors build better sermons, in less time, with more impact, all for one purpose— to give them back the time they need to be ministers of God’s grace to His people.



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