Dexter Sullivan

Special guest

For nearly two decades, Dexter has engaged hundreds of platforms around the world, both large and small. To date, his career has afforded him the opportunity to canvas the majority of the United States, and more than 20 nations abroad. With a proven capacity to inspire and connect with people, his relatability is certain to make one think that he knows no strangers.

Originally a native of Detroit, Michigan, Dexter attended Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he completed a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration. He was elected Student Body President of ORU for two consecutive terms, representing their 3,000+ student constituency nationwide.

Dexter is the founder of DSE Enterprises, with subsidiary organizations including Forerunner Consulting, Dexter Sullivan Ministries, and The Man to Man Project. DSE Enterprises serves as a clearing house for his consulting services, ministries, innovative projects, and other profitable business endeavors. He has recently partnered with the Michigan Mobility Institute in Detroit where he is tasked with leading the Mobility On- Ramp Collaborative, a State funded initiative to create long term talent solutions for the mobility and autonomy industry. The collaborative is comprised of partner companies including Ford Motor Company, Bosch North America, and May Mobility.

The reach of Dexter’s leadership over the past decade has a broad scope and has served numerous contexts. His areas of impact include educational reform, government policy, social service, entrepreneurship, and business development. His work has established him as a credible voice and thought leader, positioning him as a sought after advisor for global shapers around the world.

Today, Dexter travels both locally and internationally, teaching principles that will enhance the life of the everyday person through practicality. He frequently partners as a consultant with businesses, nonprofits, and individuals for the purpose adding value to their leadership, ethics, planning, and development. Dexter is a proud resident of his hometown Detroit. He is an active member of his local church, and faithfully serves as a mentor advocate in his community.

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